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LISA - We have been enchanted by Tuscany since 1989.....We had hired an awful, dirty and badly furnished house -  and nevertheless we had the most wonderful holiday of our lives…… with the consequence that we -  after falling in love at first sight with the charm of the countryside, the simpleness and originality of the people, their lifestyle and the ever changing colours – bought a ruin.  And that without being able to speak even ONE word of Italian! To make it short; we are still, even today, absolutely enchanted with the charm of the countryside and its ever changing colours, with the easiness and originality of the people and their lifestyle. This purchase changed my whole life. First of all I had to learn – a lot. Not only the language but in all depths!

LisaIn order to be able to show other people this beauty, we let out our house Podere San Giuseppe in Sassetta to other people, always with the hind thought that we would offer something that we had always wanted but had never found in the 20 years of hiring houses from other people, and that at a family friendly price.  For the past few years I have also acted as mediator for the houses of friends and neighbours.  The fact that a lot of things have changed in the area, and not always for the best, made me want to help keep up the charm of the region, and because the local people in this structurally poor region can earn a bit of money through letting their houses, which means that they are then not forced to sell up and lose their influence.

Teamwork - With time it became almost too much work, because more and more Italian friends asked me to help rent out their houses; over the years I have developed a thorough and specialised advisory service to help the guests find exactly the right object.  So now Alison is “on board”.

Alison has lived here in Gelsenkirchen for over 30 years and helps in many interesting projects.  It is wonderful for me to be able to work with such a lively woman, to produce new ideas and to get them “off the ground” together.  Alison mainly takes over the English speaking enquiries and she will soon get you caught up in our enthusiasm with her English humour and charming cheerfulness. 

I now use this chance to take more time with the regional specialities; my target is to bring across my knowledge of this area through guided tours, walks and long conversations with my guests. I would like to open your eyes and hearts.

ALISON - I was born in Torquay in England and was always "on the move".  I found it interesting to travel to other places and to see how other countries were.  I worked in London, then as an au pair girl in northern Germany and Copenhagen, and eventually settled down in Gelsenkirchen in Germany with my husband who was born here - just in the same part of town that Lisa lives in.  In the meantime I have two grown up children and have lived here for over 30 years.I didn't know Lisa all that well when she asked me if I would like to work with her, translate the website into English and answer the English speaking enquiries; I just thought "why not?" 


Through our work together I have got to know her as a humorous, vivacious woman with charm and esprit.  We have quite a lot of fun working together. When I started to translate the German website I got more and more interested and enthusiastic about the houses and the countryside.  It sounded so wonderful and when one looks at the photos one just wants to get up and drive down there, discover Tuscany and get to know it even better. So I did! And was bewitched from the moment I left the airport for the first time.

The number of houses and the enquiries about holiday homes are rising steadily. In the world of impersonal cyberspace, we now try to give you a maximum amount of information quickly and extensively.  But we also understand how important a trustworthy and direct contact is with personal advice when you are searching for a holiday home in which you can feel comfortable and relax in.

If you would like to call and speak to one of us for any reason at all, we can usually be reached between 1100 and 2100 hours, and of course at the weekend. (Lisa is often in Italy for several weeks at a time)


Alison Dritelar is usually from 10.30 to 21.00 hrs. in Germany:

Tel: 0049 209 67309

Mobile: 0049 1729954891

Lisa Heinrich prefers the time between 11.00  and 20.00 hours - Germany

Tel: 0049 209 9475637 Mobile: 0049 1731057603

Lisa Heinrich - Italy:

Tel: 0039 0565 794128

Mobile: 0039 3382058316



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