Bibbona is a small village with a resort near the sea, the Marina di Bibbona.The gourmet restaurant that was highly recommended in the magazine Geo is on the northern edge of the marina.

All the usual types of sports are to be found in this area: football, tennis, water sports. Marina di Bibbona is now a well known bathing resort, due to the mild climate, the peace and the beautiful countryside – an ideal place for a relaxing and entertaining holiday in the middle of nature.  Because of the fort, built in 1785 as an observation point to spot pirates along the coast, this area is also known as Marina del Forte.  These days, parts of the fortress are used as exhibition rooms and for cultural events in the summer months.

The real “pearl” of Marina di Bibbona is the coastline with its wide beaches with fine sand, the typical Mediterranean coppice “Tombola” and the characteristic sand dunes.  The tombola evolved in the last century or so and offers protection from the raw coastal wind for the arable land behind it. The low foliage of the Tombola divides the beach from the land.

 All sorts of sports are available in the area: football, tennis, watersports……

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