Campiglia Marittima

Campiglia Marittima is one of the bigger mediaeval villages in the region.  The Etrusker constructed the first ore mines in this area and they were worked up until 10 years ago.  Today, the mines are not worked but are open to the public for viewing.  The village has changed it’s interests – from ore mining and quarrying - to tourism, which is more interesting for the ambience of the area. Of course, the agriculture/farming plays a large role (olive oil, the green gold!) and the 2 thermal springs with water at a temperature of 36°C originating from the Roman times.  Campiglia MarittimaThe infra-structure of the village is very good – there is even a theatre; the tourism development which is also a consequence of the development of the wine industry, the frequently visiting VIP’s, the restaurant owners and the wine researchers have all helped to cause culinary and financial heights, that is not all, but a part of it… We are at the very southern tip of Tuscany, in the province of Livorno; this part of Tuscany was once called Maremma Pisana.  We leave the Via Aurelia at the cross roads Venturina or San Vinenzo.  We now  go further east, past olive groves and the green vegetation of the land: after a few kilometers, on the top of a high hill and not far from the sea we find Campiglia Marittima.

Thermal baths, curing baths, and Wellness can all be found a bit more to the south in Venturina, a village which  is apart of the province of Campiglia Marittima.  The thermal baths of the Costa degli Etruschi offer not only the possibilities for healing and cures, but also holidays with recuperation and relaxation in mind.  The thermal baths of the “Valle del Sole”, the “Il Calidario”, and the “Therms di Caldina” are in Venturina, in the Val di Cornia directly near to the sea and the mediaeval villages; for treatment, cures and physical and psychic rehabilitation.

There is also the chance for Thalassotherapy: the “Gran Hotel Il Bambolo” offers its services in Thalassotherapy for non-guests.  


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