If you are looking for peace and quiet, but still want to be near to the coast and the well known cultural centres, then Sassetta is the right place for you. Healthy climate, fresh air and abundant vegetation – all that is here waiting for you in Sassetta with many picturesque and interesting spots. The village is still a “secret tip” among those in the know. Not only because of the healthy atmosphere and the usually pure way of life of the inhabitants, but also because even in the height of summer it is still lush and green. The large flocks of tourists stay on the beaches of Castagneto, San Vincenzo and Follonica. Walkers and nature lovers prefer it here, also the visitors who like to go to the beach in the day time, but have a little more peace in the evenings.

The small village of Sassetta with 550 inhabitants offers 2 small grocers and bakers, plus a well recommended butchers. Further, a bank, post office, chemists, tobacco and “odds and ends” shop, haberdashery shop, an iron mongers, a bus stop. Sassetta is also a health resort. Larger supermarkets are accessible with a car in Donoratico and Venturina.3 restaurants and a pizzeria are in the village, but there are many more in the surrounding villages and towns. Beaches are a 20 minute drive away: Marina die Castegneto Ccci, Gulf of Follonica or the Gulf of Baratti,

All water sports are possible, golf at Scarlino or PuntaAla, riding at the organic farm of La Cerreta, dancing on Saturday evenings in the village.  All the beaches are not far, the nature park “Parco costeiero della Sterpaia” on the Gulf of Follonica, Marina di Castagneto Carducci, Gulf of Baratti, nature park Rimigliano…

General:Sassetta sits in the south of the province Livorno on a big red rock like an eagle’s nest 320m above sea level, between the Cornia valley and the deep valley of Sternia. The mediaeval image of the village with 500 inhabitants whose roots go back to the 11th. century is crowned by the Castello that has been recently reopened for cultural purposes. The hilly region around Sassetta is characterised by the chestnut woods and olive groves. There is a well developed net of paths and roads for walks and hikes, riding and mountain biking.  Whoever wants the peace and quiet of the Tuscan country life, but doesn’t want to completely abstain from the hurly burly of the coastal towns has chosen the right village. The nearest beach with a very high water quallity is about 12km away in Marina di Castagneto.

Worth seeing:11th. century castle, 16th. century church of Santa Andrea with a romantic christening well, on which the coat of arms of the Orlandi from Sassetta can be seen. Also a painted panel from an unknown artist from the 15th.century showing the Madonna surrounded by saints.

Infrastructure:All daily needs can be acquired in Sassetta, grocer and speciality shops, butcher, baker, bank, post office, restaurants, hotels, pubs, newspaper shops.

Regional products: wine, bread, cheese, cold meats, meat, jams, honey etc – can all be bought directly at the farms in the neighbourhood. For leisure time, there are swimming pool, tennis courts, and riding track. There are also thermal baths in the neighbourhood which are open all year.

Culinary: The local people were always hunters and collectors, they lived from everything that grows or lives in the woods or meadows, and this is of course still to be noticed in the local cuisine: do try wild boar á la Sassetta, lasagne with rabbit, noodles with ricotta and vegetables, marinated wild mushrooms, Tuscan cheese from sheep’s milk, or self made chestnut jam, all that served with a hearty red wine of the region. One can try all these specialities either in the simple inns and pizzerias or in  the more elegant gourmet restaurants.

Festivals:The sassettans know how to celebrate! There are festivities and theatrical events all the year round. If you happen to be in Sassetta in October then you are in luck: this is when the Festa d’Ottobore, the October Festival takes place. The festivities carry on over the last three Sundays of the month, so there is plenty of chance to take part. They celebrate the chestnut and the blackbird (which – it takes us some getting used to - is also a speciality of the neighbourhood!) The villagers bake, grill, barbecue and have a historical procession that reminds them of the exploits of the Orlandi di Sassetta family.

Distances:Sea 12km, Cecina 30km, Livorno 65km, Pisa 85km, Florence 150 km.

Sassetta now charges between Palmsunday (the week before Easter) and 30th. Sept. a hospitality tax of 1 Euro per person and night. Children under 11 and handicapped persons plus their companion are excempt.


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